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Empowering small business owners to build business operations that can work with or without them.

Social Impact

FIN Missions provides support for entrepreneurs and students who wish to build skills and establish their path to impact.

Our Founder's Journey

Summer School Teacher

Volunteer Teacher in China, S. Korea

2008, 2010, 2011, 2012
Book Author

“From Student to Entrepreneur”

March 2015
Student Workshops & Volunteering

U.S., S. Africa, and Peru

2015 - 2018
Business & Startups

Consulting to startup events to FIN Compliance

2012 - Present

Our History


"From Student to Entrepreneur"

Making a transition from student to entrepreneur is a stripped-down version of the business-planning process.

Inside, you will find ten practical steps for students to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Ch 1: Believe in yourself
  • Ch 2: Find Venture People
  • Ch 3: Test the Business
  • Ch 4: Focus on Results
  • Ch. 5: Build Sales & Relationships
  • Ch. 6: Fail Forward
  • Ch. 7: Control Emotions
  • Ch. 8: Find the money
  • Ch. 9: Get Advice
  • Ch. 10: Have Fun

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We also invite our advisors, affiliates, and partners to join us in our support of student careers in the financial industry, investment management, compliance, FinTech, blockchain, and more.
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