FIN Compliance helps firms to conduct regulatory reviews and delegate tasks.

FIN Compliance Overview
Compliance Consulting and/or referrals to vendors in our partner network.
RIA compliance and task management tools integrated onto one-login system.
Systems can be used with other technology or financial network vendors.
Advisor Continuity Matchmaking
Desktop tools for principals, CCOs, staff, and consultants.
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Desktop Version
Compliance Management System
Firms can access RIA Review ™ resources for reviews using our: RIA Compliance Calendar, Forms, Checklists, Compliance cloud, review resources, and more.
Registered investment advisors (RIA)
Small RIA’s ($0-50 MM in AUM)
Medium RIA’s ($50 -500 MM in AUM)
Registered/Private Fund Advisors
Hybrid (RIA/Broker-Dealer) Firms
More than 175+ firms served
Task Management System
Firms can access FIN Lancer™ to delegate compliance and operations assignments. Users can share projects with a team and/or send documents to clients.
Also featuring a
Advisor Directory to connect with firms for continuity, succession planning, partnerships, and deal flow
Vendor Directory w/ our select partners
Invoicing plugin to bill vendors

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FIN Compliance is now a part of the member/partner vendor network of

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National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors is an American financial planning trade organization created in 1983 to expand the use of fee-only financial advisors by individual consumers.

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The ASSOCIATION OF AFRICAN AMERICAN FINANCIAL ADVISORS (AAAA) was created to address the needs and concerns of African American Financial Professionals. AAAA is a non-profit membership organization for African American financial advisors and affiliated professionals.

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Operations and systems development resource for investment advisors and other businesses.

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"Overall the content is great. The checklists and abundance of info greatly helps our firm go above and beyond in completing our compliance tasks."
K Daniels photo

K. Daniels, Client Relationship Manager, Summit Wealth Partners, LLC.

"I can't say enough good things about Cory. He's done a great job fixing and maintaining our compliance issues. I highly recommend Cory!"
Scott Schawrtz photo

Scott Schwartz, CFP ®, CIMA ®, Alexander Beard, USA, LLC

"Cory is an outstanding professional. As a consultant to my growing investment practice, he has added a tremendous amount of value. LinkedIN has 7 "top attribute" boxes,but limits your selection to 3. I would definitely select all 7 if given the opportunity! He works hard, knows his stuff, and provides great value. More than anything, I appreciate that Cory is an individual with strong moral values and principals, which is evidenced by his extra-curricular activities and volunteerism."
Allan Boomer photo

Allan Boomer. Managing Partner of Momentum Advisors

"Cory has been Financial Planning Hawaii's third-party compliance consultant for many years. He is an expert in his field and is totally responsive. I recommend his services unequivocally to any RIA."
JR Robinson photo

JR Robinson, Founder at Financial Planning Hawaii, Inc. | Co-Founder, CEO at Nest Egg Guru, Inc.